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7 Hand Poker

4.7 ( 2607 ratings )
Jogos Entretenimento Ficha Casino
Developer: Nicolas Märki

7 Hand Poker on your iDevice


The game is designed for two players. The first player can look at his cards and select some of them before handing the iDevice to the second player, who can now place them and then look at his own hand.

If you dont have any friends, however, you may also play against the computer. There are two difficulty levels.

- Each player begins with eight cards.
- The first player choses up to five of them to make a poker hand.
- The other player may now chose one of the seven coins to place the given cards in front of.
- The second player choses up to five cards and the first player places them.
- If there are cards on both side of a coin, the player with the better poker hand will win this coin.
- The player who has four coins or three coins in a row wins the game.